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Helping people make the best of life, in spite of the odds

The IFPSW works to promote psychosocial wellness both at home in Richmond, Virginia and internationally. Founded in 2008, our projects focus on mental health as well as physical health. We provide assistance to victims of conflict, violence, and sexual assault, and work to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with it.  We also work to encourage people struggling with low self-confidence to reassess their behaviors and find ways to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

The stories below are examples of the incredible people we've encountered as we've continued our work.  You can also learn more about our projects, events, and fundraisers by clicking the links to the left.

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Click the link below to download our mission flier, which provides an overview of our local and international goals and accomplishments:

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Joan* developed AIDS following a gang rape when she was overtaken by a military group in the jungle during the civil war in the Congo. 

With the help of counselors, she is now a volunteer teaching other Africans that HIV/AIDS is an illness, not a hex or a curse.   She is also working to help others accept, prevent, and reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

After surviving a severe torture session, a young rebel boy named Jack* came to a hospital in Africa for treatment.  He had been so badly injured, it was a wonder he was even alive.  However, a few days after discussing his experiences with a counselor, he divulged that this was the first time he had not had nightmares about a violence ordeal he had endured.

In fact, he told us that he had reached a sense of calm in his recuperation process and was very surprised about it.  His experience is an example of the work counselors in the Congo are performing to develop empathy and compassion among those who have been traumatized.

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals mentioned

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